The Price of Commodity Risk – Martijn Boons
Disentangled Correlations and Asset Pricing – Charles Mathias

Game Theory I
Biased Information Transmission – Jesper Rudiger Sorensen
On the Incentive Constraints for Common Knowlege of Rationality – Alberto Vesperoni

Game Theory II
Irreversibility and Imperfect Monitoring – Yves Gueron
Many to One Matching: Externalities and Stability – Alfredo Salgado Torres
Adverse Selection without Single Crossing – Christoph Schottmüller

Life Cycles
Life-Cycles Bias in Intergenerational Earnings Mobility Estimation: Theory and Evidence – Martin Nybom
Consumer Bankruptcy and Mortgage Default – Florian Oswald
Does Ambiguity Aversion Raise the Optimal Level of Effort? – Loic Berger

Faculty presentations
Better Safe than Sorry? Ex Ante and Ex Post Moral Hazard in Dynamic Insurance Data – Jaap Abbring (Tilburg)
How to Design Public-Private Partnerships in a Warning World? (When Infrastructur becomes a Really Hot Topic) – Stéphane Straub (Toulouse)
Labor Market Participation, Unemployment and Monetary Policy – Stefano Gnocchi (Barcelona)
Does Conflict affect Preferences? Results from Field Experiments in Burundi – Philip Verwimp (Brussels)
Welfare Cultures, Recessions and Unemployment Duration – Sten Nyberg (Stockholm)
Innovation and the Elasticity of Trade Volumes to Tariff Reductions – Loris Rubini (Madrid)
More Haste, Less Speed: Signaling through Investment Timing – Raphaël Levy (Mannheim)


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